CoreConduit provides custom automation solutions for almost any garden setup. Whether you're growing just a few plants in a small indoor space, want to automate your backyard garden, or have dozens of plants in multiple areas, we have the easy-to-manage solution to your problems!

Get Growing with the hydroMazing Smart Gardening System
Hydroponics stores are typically motivated by selling you the most expensive equipment. I am dedicated to helping the average person achieve extraordinary results by providing you with the right tools and know-how to grow plants successfully at home. That's why I designed and developed the hydroMazing system with open-source hardware and a plug-and-grow system capable of monitoring and regulating nearly every aspect of your hydroponics setup.


Fully customizable - hydroMazing is a garden control and monitoring system built on low-cost open-hardware modules*, which offer a wide range of flexibility for customization and expansion. hydroMazing was designed for use with standard low-cost sensors and hardware, but can be adapted for use with your existing hardware. Wireless communication - The hyroMazing system uses nRF modules for wireless communications, offering long transmission distances without any need for an internet connection. The system's central processing hub, which I call "The Decider," receives and transmits data wirelessly to sensors and appliances and even will notify you via its remote control if something is wrong.

Automation that works - hydroMazing has been thoroughly tested on garden herbs, bell peppers, and medical/recreational cannabis (where legal). You'll be amazed at how easy it is to grow luscious, healthy plants! *Current models use an Atmega328 on an Arduino Uno, or Nano, or Pro-Mini.